Mexico - Multi tunnel

Multi-tunnel project in North Mexico for blueberries plantation.

Proyecto de Multi-tuneles en el Norte de Mexico para plantacion de Arandanos

For our Multi-tunnel project in Mexico, please press here (PDF)

Greenhouse with Polycarbonate

Greenhouse with polycarbonate cover, 5 m. gutter height, 8 m. max height.

Medical Cannabis

Another medical cannabis project in a final stage of installation process.

Polycarbonate Cover

Another Greenhouse that P. Marom built in the Golan Heights with polycarbonate cover.


“Butterfly” Greenhouses with polycarbonate walls in the national seeds-farm of Azerbaijan.

Packaging Factory

Rigid structure with insulated panels and double ceilings serving as packing room for sorting and packing fruit.
Another Key project of P.marom which includes infrastructure, concrete and asphalt.

P.marom in the International Exhibition Agritech Israel 2018

Vietnam Project

Our flagship project in Vietnam, 2016. An area of 25 hectares of tailor made Greenhouses that specifically designed for the extremist tropical weather in this areas.

Net House C Profile

Net House C profile –takes the advantages from both Cable Net House and Greenhouse.

Greenhouse - Close Roof

Greenhouse close roof with trellising system and with soilless media.

Greenhouse - Fix vent

Growing Tables

Growing tables for nursery care inside our Greenhouse & Net House.

Cable Net Houses

Net Houses with a very high cost-effectiveness, in terms of in-house, origin engineering & agriculture design.
This Net House mostly suitable to hot and dry weather, and it allows grows numerous types of crops.

Vegetables Cable Net House

For our 2017 project in Mexico, please press here (PowerPoint)

Plantations Cable Net House

Nursery Project in Israel

Nursery project in Israel – Greenhouse close roof includes all the cut edge nursery’s technology.

Odisha India – Excellent Center

NOAM, ROI and Close-Roof Tunnels

“NOAM” , “ROI” and Close-Roof Tunnels’ types for most kind of crops with option of trellising system.

Noam Tunnels

ROI Tunnels

Close-Roof Tunnels

Russia Krasnodar

A Unique Greenhouses project we installed in Krasnodar, Russia in 2011. Greenhouses that specially designed to deal with very low temperatures in this area (under – 10 degree) and allow grow vegetable in such cold area. In this project we used in a unique and up-to-date technologies.