P.Marom -Amir is a leader in agricultural structures and solutions. We are proud to take part in one of the most ancient and essential human achievements – agriculture. In a world where water resources and arable land are in short supply, humanity is still facing the basic challenge our forefathers had to solve, namely growing more food using limited means.

Agricultural technology, however, is constantly improving and developing, leading to higher yields while conserving resources.  P. Marom – Amir is working with farmers, entrepreneurs and companies all over the world to reap the benefits of modern agricultural structures through new technologies, advanced research and innovative spirit.

P.Marom was founded in 2003 by Eran Plotkin, and as of December 2021 is jointly owned by Eran Plotkin and AMIR Marketing and Investments in Agriculture Ltd (AMRK-Tel Aviv).

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We provide complete planning, design and execution services for agricultural projects, including engineering, integration, agronomic and economic considerations. Our solutions use state of the art technology and meticulous production and quality assurance methods to ensure we deliver the best possible structures to our customers. We work closely with farmers and provide ongoing management to ensure the success of the venture.

What sets P. Marom-Amir apart is a deep commitment to the success of our customers and our proven track record of successful projects all over the world. We offer a personalized, flexible service that aims for the best solution. In order to be able to accommodate different needs, P. Marom-Amir operates a fully-owned plant which can produce tailor-made structures and meet demanding requirements.

With a team of over 50 dedicated experts, more than 30 years of experience and a top-level production facility, we are confident that we can deliver excellent solutions for any type of agricultural venture.