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P. Marom has built an extensive set of in-house capabilities in order to provide its customers with the best services and products available, as well as the flexibility to adjust them to customer needs.

The company is headed by Eran Plotkin, a market veteran with more than 20 years experience in managing and implementing agricultural projects. Over the years, Mr. Plotkin has gained thorough expertise in managing a wide range of projects, working with governments, global non-profits and large corporations.

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capabilities engineering team

ENGINEERING TEAM: Responsible for turning customers’ needs and dreams into general and detailed plans for systems that will provide value over time. The engineering team also oversees implementation to ensure high quality throughout the project. capabilities engineering team

capabilities FINANCIAL TEAM

FINANCIAL TEAM: Responsible for developing effective and creative financial packages to support project of every type and size, based on customer capabilities and resources. capabilities engineering team


SALES TEAM: Responsible for tailoring the best proposal to fit customer needs, maintaining contact to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the process. capabilities engineering team

capabilities EXPORT IMPORT

EXPORT/IMPORT AND ACQUISITIONS TEAM: Responsible for providing the best solutions available on the market for the needs of the project, within the pre-determined time frame and budget. capabilities engineering team

capabilities FACTORY TEAM

FACTORY TEAM: Responsible for creating tailored solutions according to project specifications under strict quality standards. capabilities engineering team

capabilities AGRONOMY TEAM

AGRONOMY TEAM: Provides agronomy support and project management assistance tailored to the specific site. The team also consults and liaises with leading experts on specific geographical locations. capabilities engineering team